Is the Cavaquinho a Guitar from Brazil? Learn about this instrument

The Brazilian Cavaquinho sometimes gets confused with sort of a classical guitar or with the Portuguese Cavaquinho, but this could not be far from the truth. The stringed musical instrument is unique and with features of its own that are easily recognizable by any Brazilian musician.

This little instrument from Brazil is of considerable importance for the Brazilian folk culture and folk music. It has been imported to many countries thanks to the immigration of the Brazilian community to many other countries around the world.

There are plenty of talented musicians using this instrument, not only to play popular Brazilian music but also to any other sort of musical genre. Also plenty of enthusiasts around the world learning how to play the Cavaquinho.

The Cavaquinho, not quite a Guitar from Brazil

There are plenty of differences between a Cavaquinho and a Guitar. The most obvious one is the size of this instrument, shaped in a little bit smaller body and with different curvatures.

The other most noticeable aspect of the Cavaquinho is that only uses four strings, instead of the more typical 6 stringed-guitar. Although it is made with similar woods, like cedar, mahogany, or in some cases more sophisticated woods like rosewood, these two differences are enough not to confuse it with a Guitar.

cavaquinho guitar brazil
cavaquinho guitar brazil

The Cavaquinho produces a very particular sound when strummed, its metal strings and short height, combined with an open and bound soundhole give the musical instrument a high pitch, ideal for melodies, solos, and the strumming typically found in the Brazilian Samba.

How can I purchase a Cavaquinho?

Since the past few years, TuCuatro has built a system to allow Cavaquinho lovers and enthusiasts around the world to purchase Cavaquinhos online and receive them anywhere in North America or Europe.

You can visit our online store to see the variety of Brazilian Cavaquinhos that we offer online. These are purchased and tested by one of our professional musicians and shipped to your doors anywhere in the world.

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