Learn to play the Cavaquinho, in English

Learning the Cavaquinho from Brazil could be difficult if you’re abroad. Especially because there’s not much information on the internet. Most of the Cavaco teachers are Brazilians in Brazil and there are multiple cavaquinho lessons posted on youtube, but unfortunately not in English.

Learn how to play the Cavaquinho with TuCuatro. Our teachers have created courses in English with all the information you need to learn chords, rhythms, strumming with the Brazilian Cavaquinho.

Cavaquinho free courses in English

TuCuatro is helping exotic instruments grow and be known in the world. Our website is the only place where you’ll find this level of dedication to exotic instruments, including the Cavaquinho from Brazil. We are constantly preparing and releasing lessons and courses for Cavaquinho and many other instruments.

As an example, our Basic Techniques for Cavaco course is totally free and you can start with it right now, no need to open an account or be registered. Just click on the lessons you want to learn and you’ll see the information right away.

Within this course, you will learn:

  • Basic Playing technique for Cavaquinho
  • Basic Chords and Progressions
  • The primary strumming pattern for Cavaquinho
  • Strumming exercises and song practices

We recommend this course for absolute beginners, it is a first approach to the cavaquinho and a good way to get familiar with what the instrument has to offer. If you’re a beginner and don’t have a Cavaquinho with you, we invite you to access our online store and select the one you would like for yourself:

Learn Cavaco songs

Do you already know your way with the instrument? Then grab your musical instrument and be sure it is correctly tuned because you’ll be playing a lot of Brazilian music! Learn a few songs here at our Songs Section: