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Welcome to this elementary maracas online course! In this course, you will learn how to execute upwards and downward motions with the maracas. You will learn as well how to play the most popular rhythms on the maracas Llaneras.

There is a great variety of music genres to be found in the plains between Venezuela and Colombia. Most of them include the Maracas in the instrument mix.

In this Maracas course, we’ll learn how to play a few of the most popular rhythms. The Joropo, Waltz, Merengue (Venezuelan style), and other rhythms like Onda Nueva, Danza, and Bolero.

How to play the Maracas Course at TuCuatro
How to play the Maracas Course at TuCuatro

How does the Maracas sound?

Take a look at this example on how to play a music genre called Joropo Llanero with the typical folkloric maracas, known as Maracas Llaneras:

The Maracas used for this video are known as maracas palo-atravezao. Palo-atravezao means the stick that holds them run through the inside of the maracas.

Ready to learn how to play Maracas?

We welcome you to the world of Maracas! There are great resources to learn to play this exotic instrument, also we recommend you check some videos of the best maracas players around the world, like Ernesto Laya:

and Manuel Rangel.

How to start learning how to play the Maracas?

Get started with learning how to play the maracas with TuCuatro! Maracas is normally played by holding each one in one hand by the handle, so the vibration of the body can be plentiful.

You can simply enroll in this Maracas course for free or if you are already a TuCuatro user, then login with your account and look at the menu to navigate through the content. Each lesson is made so you can go through the course at your own pace and see the musical genres that you like the most first.

We recommend you follow the order of the lessons but feel free to jump directly to the lesson you want to see first. You can either start with the first lesson to learn how to hold your instrument, or just open any other lesson in this course, like this one to learn how to do the waltz with the Maracas.

Also, once you know the basic rhythms for the maracas, you can head up to our Songs Page to learn and practice with a few songs.