Danza Rhythm with Maracas

The Danza Rhythm is a 6/8 which should be played with accented shakes on the 1 and 4 of each bar for Maracas.

For this rhythm, we need to mark the number 1 with a downward motion by the left hand, with the exception of when starting which is done by both maracas. The patter is as follows:

  1. Left hand down (when getting started to use both hands)
  2. Right-hand Up
  3. Right hand down
  4. Left hand down
  5. Right hand up
  6. Right hand down

After you make a start, the next bar will need to be executed only with the left hand in a downwards motion as opposed to starting with both maracas.

Just as with the Joropo Llanero, we can also make use of the escobillao in each of the 4 bars, the pattern to do so with the escobillao is as follows:

  • Escobillao Right hand
  • Up Left hand
  • Down Left hand
  • Escobillao Right hand
  • Up Left hand
  • Down Left hand

With these patterns, you will be able to accompany a beautiful Danza Tradicional. We invite you to review videos to practice this, like the following one for Danzas Mirandinas

This how the Danza with Escobillao is done:

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