Bonus: Imitating Shakers with Maracas Llaneras

We hope you have enjoyed this course on the Maracas! In this final topic, we will demonstrate how to use the maracas like Shakers, so that you will be able to play along with songs from any genre. In this next video, we will show you how to hold the maracas in such a way […]

Danza Rhythm with Maracas

The Danza Rhythm is a 6/8 which should be played with accented shakes on the 1 and 4 of each bar for Maracas. For this rhythm, we need to mark the number 1 with a downward motion by the left hand, with the exception of when starting which is done by both maracas. The patter […]

Onda Nueva Rhythm with Maracas

To play the rhythm of Onda Nueva, you should be able to execute the escribillao at a high level and the rhythm of Joropo Llanero. Onda Nueva has certain particularities you must be aware of. In the next video, we will demonstrate how to do so slowly at first and then we will pick up […]

Bolero Rhythm with Maracas

The bolero rhythm is a type of mambo and it’s played using 4/4. The maracas should execute 4 accents per bar. Theoretically, this rhythm can be played with 4 descending accents. The bolero rhythm is characterized by two syncopated accents in the first beat of every bar. These are usually played by the maracas. The […]

Merengue Rhythm with Maracas

The rhythm of venezuelan merengue is very specific, as it is only played in 5/8. To play this rhythm, it is necessary to play bars of 5 accents each: Both maracas accenting downwards Right hand accenting upwards Left hand accenting upwards Left hand accenting downwards Both maracas accenting upwards First, we will demonstrate this at […]

Joropo Rhythm with Maracas

The rhythm of Joropo is very similar to Waltz when being played with the maracas, the main difference being it is played at a higher tempo. In the following video, you will see how the same rhythm we have recently learned as with Waltz but played at the tempo corresponding to the rhythm of Joropo: […]

Waltz Rhythm with Maracas

To execute the Walz rhythm, simply mix the two previously covered accents. One hand will play the golpe sencillo in a downward motion, and the other will do so for the golpe double up/down. These two movements make a rhythmic pattern based on 3/4, where each bar is composed of 6 accents or motions: up/down […]

Basic Strumming Down and Up Down with Maracas

Maraca Accent Basics There are 2 basic accents we can use for the Maracas. The first one is the golpe seco abajo or descending dry accent and the second is an accent up and down. With these accents, it is possible to mimic the majority of rhythms available. Basic Descending Dry Accent The first kind […]

Holding the Maracas, how to position your fingers

The first step to being able to play the Maracas correctly is to learn how to properly hold them. This is typically done supporting the maracas with your thumb behind the instrument and the first three fingers on the front, leaving the pinky finger up in the air. In this video, you will see how […]