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Maracas music lessons. Learn how to play maracas with our TuCuatro lessons and courses.

Danza Rhythm with Maracas

The Danza Rhythm is a 6/8 which should be played with accented shakes on the 1 and 4 of each bar for Maracas. For this

Onda Nueva Rhythm with Maracas

To play the rhythm of Onda Nueva, you should be able to execute the escribillao at a high level and the rhythm of Joropo Llanero.

Bolero Rhythm with Maracas

The bolero rhythm is a type of mambo and it’s played using 4/4. The maracas should execute 4 accents per bar. Theoretically, this rhythm can

Merengue Rhythm with Maracas

The rhythm of venezuelan merengue is very specific, as it is only played in 5/8. To play this rhythm, it is necessary to play bars

Joropo Rhythm with Maracas

The rhythm of Joropo is very similar to Waltz when being played with the maracas, the main difference being it is played at a higher

Waltz Rhythm with Maracas

To execute the Walz rhythm, simply mix the two previously covered accents. One hand will play the golpe sencillo in a downward motion, and the