Vals Criollo vs. Vals Pasaje

Course: Dominate the rhythm of Vals Pasaje and Vals Criollo

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I Can’t Believe We Are Studying Waltz!

Yes it is called Waltz in English and it is similar, but for a moment let us clear our minds and remove the image of Mozart or Jan Sebastian Bach in a concert hall. Vals does originate in central Europe, but has been adopted in South America for centuries. As such, many famous pieces have been composed by some of the greatest musicians in the region such as Simon Diaz and Freddy Reina. As this is part of the Cuatro heritage, we will be including such studies in this course.

Culminate With a Song

The course will culminate in a nice accompaniment song by the famous Simon Diaz being Caballo Viejo. A timeless piece enjoyed by many across the world and with certain spin offs we may not even be aware exist.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the difference between Creole Vals u0026amp; Vals Pasaje
  • Dominate u0026amp; apply the strumming techniques
  • Play the song Caballo Viejo


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