Quiz: Parts of the Cuatro

Ok, so you decided that you already know the parts of the Cuatro and you want to complete the lesson. That’s good! We will give you here some directions to the quiz and some pre-requisites for you to be able to complete it.

For this specific lesson you will need to prove that you know by heart the parts of the cuatro. We will present simple questions that require only a word or a selection from your part. As this is a sample quiz for you to get familiar with TuCuatro, we will also give you the answers! Isn’t that great?

The parts of the Cuatro that you will need in order to answer correctly are:

  • Fretboard
  • Tuning Peg
  • Nut
  • Head
  • Soundhole
  • Heel
  • Frets
  • Bridge
  • Bridge Pins

Feel free to select the wrong answers. If you do so, the system will let you know and a small explanation will appear in order to help you learn and respond correctly the next time you take the quiz. You can repeat this quiz up to 3 times.

So let’s move info to the quiz questions. From now on is up to you to be able to complete the questions correctly in order to complete this lesson:

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