How to tune a Cavaquinho

If you’re wondering how to tune a Cavaquinho, in this lesson we will guide you through the process and give you tips on how to tune the instrument in the correct way. The most fundamental tuning for the cavaquinho is from the nearest string to your eyes, which is D, lower octave. Be sure to […]

Cavaquinho Strings and Brands

The strings that are made for Cavaquinhos are made of very thin metal. Therefore, you should only use cavaquinho strings and not substitutes or other instrument’s strings. The typical set of strings for Cavaquinho will come as follow: 1st string (metal) lower – Note D 2nd string (metal) – Note G 3rd string (metal) – […]

About the Cavaquinho, stringed instrument from Brazil

The Cavaquinho is a stringed instrument, primarily used in folk music from Brazil, like Samba and Choro. Many details make this instrument unique in the world: a typical shape, the high frequency of notes it produces, the strumming pattern used, etc. The Cavaquinho is the most representative stringed instrument of the culture of music in […]