Cavaquinho Strings and Brands

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The strings that are made for Cavaquinhos are made of very thin metal. Therefore, you should only use cavaquinho strings and not substitutes or other instrument’s strings.

The typical set of strings for Cavaquinho will come as follow:

  • 1st string (metal) lower – Note D
  • 2nd string (metal) – Note G
  • 3rd string (metal) – Note B
  • 4th string (metal) higher – Note D

As there are many different kinds of strings available for Cavaquinho, do not limit yourself to making use of only one brand. Find which one is most accessible to you in your country at first and then try different brands to see which ones accommodate best to your instrument.

What brand does TuCuatro recommend?

Our teachers and musicians like to recommend two specific brands:

  • La bella: Good quality and long-lasting.
  • D’addario: Better quality and well recognized.

Around 2017, D’addario decided to renovate its brand and launch an upgraded version of all their strings, adding an E to their SKU. So whenever you’re in the search for strings, you’ll find that there are two types of D’addario sets The regular J93 and the upgraded strings EJ93.

Both are of about similar quality in our opinion, so feel free to get whichever is cheapest at the moment of your purchase.

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