Chords: B Major in 1st Position

Course: Chords: B Major in 1st Position

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Not that we have chosen to present the chords to you alphabetically, this is even more evident now that you are coming across the B major chord as one of the last major chords in the 1st position to demonstrate to you. This too is among the easiest chords you can play with the Cuatro as you only need to mark 2 frets, which are practically next to each other. Lets have a look at what this chord is like:

B Major Chord 1st Position

B Major Chord: Marking & Illustration

Many principals relating to the other chords and music in general are of course applicable when reviewing this chord. The notes with which this chord is made up of are as follows:

  • B
  • D#
  • F#

Take a closer look as the instructor explains each of these notes along the fretboard of the Cuatro.

B Major Chord Composition

Take a look at the figure of B Major. With the progression of notes, there is one halftone between B & C. Knowing that each fret on the Cuatro represents a halftone, we are able to use the same figure of B to make C by simply moving down one fret. Take a look at the differences between these chords here:

B Major

C Major

Now, lets add in another element here to keep moving forward. The next note after C (thinking of it alphabetically) would be D. The distance between C & D is a halftone. This means that if we move down two frets from marking the C chord, then the resulting note would be D Major but in it’s second position. Check it out here:

D Major: 2nd Position

Do you see the similarities keeping the figure of B Major in mind?

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