C Major: 2nd & 3rd Positions

Course: C Major: 2nd & 3rd Positions

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For the C Major chord we can apply the figures of G and E. Considering these, we can take a look at the following chords which are all C Major chords:

C Major Chord 1st Position


C Major Chord 2nd Position

The C Major Chord in 2nd Position assumes the figure of G Major. Considering that we know what the figures relating to the dominant, subdominant and tonic of G Major, this is something that can be directly applied when playing the dominant, subdominant and tonic chords of C Major in the 2nd Position. Can you find these?

C Major Chord 3rd Position

With most music instruments, students make use of markings on their instruments to identify the positioning of certain frets. With guitars and ukuleles these are typically in the form of points which can be found along the fretboard. Most Cuatros do not have these markings, so we simply have to improvise. Some persons get familiar with this by a change in the fretboard such as the coloring of the wood or a mark as a result of constant playing. Others choose an easy method (recommendable) which is they simply put a small sticker to mark a point of reference. The point of reference is up to you, one tip would be to make use of the 8th fret as a reference point simply because counting tends to get difficult after the 5th fret, but again this is up to you.

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