Chord Progression for a Polo Margariteño

Course: Chord Progression for a Polo Margariteño



The rhythm is played with bars of three fourths (3×4) at a slow tempo. It should be played not to sound as the Joropo Corrio or Pasaje, but should follow a similar speed as that of a Waltz. If you are going to practice this with the metronome, place the metronome at 80 as well as at 100.

Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm

The chords are repeated continously as the singer or the soloist instrument plays the melody of the song. The progression of the chords is as follows:

Other Info:

The Polo Margariteño is a genre originating from the island of Margarita. Its musical form is rather simply and provides the option of experimenting, improvisation and variety with the Venezuelan Cuatro. Learn how to play these chords of this popular Venezuelan rhythm.

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