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The A Minor chord is made up of the following notes:

A – E – C

A Minor Chord

As you will see in a moment in the video below, the A minor chord is played by placing your fingers in the following positions:

  • 1st string open
  • 2nd string – 2nd Fret – Middle Finger
  • 3rd string –  3rd Fret – Ring Finger
  • 4th string – 1st Fret – Index Finger

Since the first string is an A note, then it is not necessary to mark this and it can be easily left open.

A Minor Demonstration

The chord itself is a rather complex one given the form your fingers have to make with the positioning. Make sure that this is practiced by using the progression I – IV – V of A minor so that you can get used to marking the chord quickly and switch to other chords with ease.

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