Chords: F Minor

Did you make a note of the E Minor chord? If you have, then the F Minor chord will seem awfully familiar to you. Both chords have the same figure, the only difference being that the F Minor chord consist of a bar as it is the E Minor chord moved down by one fret. Take a look at the comparison of the two:

E Minor Chord Illustration

F Minor Chord Illustration

As you can see, they both have the same figures. The marking of the frets does need to be adjusted since the bar comes into play. The marking should be using the index finger to mark a bar on the 1st fret of all of the strings followed by:

  • 1st String – 3rd Fret – Pinky
  • 2nd String – 3rd Fret – Ring Finger
  • 3rd String – 2nd Fret – Middle Finger

Take a look at how this is played in the video below:

F Minor Demonstration

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