Chords: G Major 1st Position

Course: Chords: G Major 1st Position



The G major chord consists of a figure making use of two of your fingers. The easiest and most common way of marking this chord is by making use of your index finger and the middle finger.

The finger positioning is as follows:

  1. Middle finger 2nd fret on the 1st string
  2. Open 2nd string
  3. Index finger 1st fret on the 3rd string
  4. Open 4th string

Take a look at the video below to get a closer look at the G Major Chord:

 G Major Chord

The composition of the G Major chord is with the following progression of notes:

B – D – G – B

This is demonstrated in the video below:

G Major Chord Composition

With the G chord, it is good to keep in mind that your pinky will ultimately become a great contributor to your music. This will be possible my making use of the pinky to mark notes in the G scale in order to enhance your G chord. Try it out by marking the G chord as is demonstrated above and then use the pinky to mark the 3rd string on the 3rd fret. The effect should be to strum along with the G chord and occasionally add the pinky to give it a different twist.

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