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Learn how to play the g minor chord on the Venezuelan Cuatro.

G Minor Illustration

The following videos give a demonstration as to how to mark the G minor chord on the Cuatro. Mark the 1st string on the fist fret, 3rd string on the 1st fret and the 4th string on the 3rd fret. This chord may seem complicated to mark at first and especially when trying to change between chords, but it is a matter of practice just like with all other chords. Review the demonstration in the videos below and try to play the G minor chord on your Cuatro.

G Minor Demonstration I

The G minor chord sounds great along with the C minor chord and D7. By making use of these three chords you can already start to play some very interesting music and strum away. Make sure you practice alternating between these chords so that you can become more flexible when marking the chords and that way you will be able to add some additional effects while playing.

G Minor Demonstration II

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