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Venezuelan Waltz or Creole Waltz originates from Europe where Waltz is more known as a smooth and folkloric music & dance. Often when we think of music in Latin America, we would not typically think that waltz would be in the mix, but surprisingly enough it is a very typical music and a widely adored type of music. We can temporarily forget the classical instruments associated with this type of music as for now you will see how this is played using the Cuatro and it having an additional kick to it.

This music has found a new how away from home in the Andean regions of Venezuela as well as the mid-western areas of the country. Within the Andean regions, the waltz is played with the leads taken by the violin and the mandolin which are then accompanied by instruments such as the guitar and the Cuatro.

Take a close look at the demonstration of a Creole Waltz and follow the rhythm:

Creole Waltz Rhythm

Ritmo Vals Criollo

Creole Waltz Demonstration

Follow the second demonstration here:

The strumming pattern seems to be rather straight forward, it does however take quite a bit of practice to get out of the habit of strumming in a conventional pattern being up, down, up and down. This time you would need to get accustomed to strumming twice down followed by an upward “chasquido” which of course requires practice.

There are plenty of songs following this genre and once you get the hang of the technicalities, you can then move along to some songs.

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Course: Creole Waltz

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