E Major Chord: 1st Position

Course: E Major Chord: 1st Position



With the E major chord is when we start to grouping three fingers on one fret. There are two popular ways with which to mark this chord being in order:

  1. Index finger
  2. Middle finger
  3. Ring finger

The above method is the more common way of marking the E Major chord. The next form is keeping your Index finger free so that you can easily move into another position to mark the next chord in your song’s sequence. This method of marking would be like this:

  1. Middle finger
  2. Ring finger
  3. Pinky

 E Major Chord Illustration

Take a look at the video demonstration of the E Major chord:

E Major Chord

The composition of the E Major chord includes the following notes:

E – G# – B

This is explained in detail in the explanation provided in the video below (be sure to turn on the English subtitles).

E Major Composition

It is important to note that the figure marked by the E Chord in it’s first position is directly transferable to other chords in other positions. This can be done by adding a bar with your index finger and marking the chords with the remaining three fingers.

For example, if we slide a bar down to the third fret and keep the same figure of E Major, then this note that we would be playing is the G chord in it’s second position. So make sure that you get your fingers used to your three fingers snugging up together as they work on marking your chords. We will explore this more with the lessons on different figures and how these can be used to enhance the music you produce.

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