E Major: Tonic, Subdominant & Dominant

Course: E Major: Tonic, Subdominant & Dominant



Now that we have learned how to play the E Major chord, let us review the Tonic, Subdominant and Dominant chords relating to E Major. With these three chords you will be able to play simple pieces and get jamming with your Cuatro as the chords sound great with one another.

E Major: Tonic, Subdominant & Dominant

Starting off with the Tonic note being E Major, which is because this is the note with which we are beginning or in the I position in the progression I – IV – V. This chord can be seen below:

E Major Chord

The Subdominant is A. This is marked with the finger positioning where each number represents the order of the string and the fret needed to be played. For example the 0 is playing the first string open, the next number being 2 is playing the 2nd string on the 2nd fret etc. The A note is the 4th note holding the position IV in the I – IV – V progression relative to E Major.

A Major Chord

This brings us to the Dominant note which is B7 in this progression representing the V or 5th in the I – IV – V progression relative to E major.

B7 Chord

Have a look at these chords and start to do a little bit of jamming using the three of them. We will be applying these notes to a lively genre which the world has learned to love….keep playing and keep loving your Cuatro!

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