F Major: 2nd & 3rd Positions

Course: F Major: 2nd & 3rd Positions

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Following our chords and note progression, we will now look at the F Major in different positions. The method being used to familiarize yourself with different positions of the chords along the fretboard will increase your horizon in terms of what you can play. Playing songs is enriched by making use of all possible positions on the Cuatro depending on what kind of effect you wish to give the song. Also depending on whether the part of the song is high or low. So make sure that you get to know not only the different chords in different positions, but also try to connect the figures and theory to the chords being played. This will permit you to find the chords in different positions for all notes. You will not memorize them in one go, so make sure you practice one group of chords in one key and then try to explore others as you move along. Exciting times!

F Major 1st Position


The F Major in 1st Position makes use of the E Major figure which is simply rolled over one halftone down the fretboard.

F Major 2nd Position

The second position of F Major is making use of the D Major figure by applying the bar on the 3rd fret and marking the 6th fret with the index finger.

F Major 3rd Position

So what would be the next figure being used for the F Major considering it’s next position on the Cuatro? This would be the figure of B major starting off on the 6th fret with the bar and marking the figure of B Major on the 8th and 7th frets accordingly.

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