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As we have seen in previous lessons, the D Major chord is one of the easiest to play with the Cuatro, since it only requires 1 finger. The figure of D Major is still easy when applying it along the fretboard, but this does require a bit of flexibility in your hand and fingers. This is because, it is necessary to place a bar and then mark the corresponding fret with your pinky. Take a look at some of the applications of the D Major figure starting with D Major:

D Major 1st Position


Take a look a the following video explaining how to apply this figure to play other chords relating to different notes on the Cuatro.

Figure of D Major

F Major 2nd Position

One thing that we can notice about this figure in particular is the relationship it has with the E Major or F Major in it’s 1st position. Take a look at E Major in 1st position followed by the E Major in 2nd position using the figure of D:

E Major 1st Position


Notice that with the E Major in 1st position, three frets are being marked one next to the other being B, E and G# (the fourth string is being left open being B). Now, with the E Major in 2nd Position, the same notes are being marked with the bar but the 4th string is being played on the 5th fret which is an E note.

E Major 2nd Position

The difference is minimal, you are simply playing the another note relating to the E Major chord in a different position being the E note. The same concept can be applied to the F Major in it’s second position and for any other chord you are playing following the figure of D Major.

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