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Course: Major Figures: E



So we have seen some figures which are rather simple to apply, also some which are a little more complicated. Now let’s consider one which is more on the crowded side as we take a closer look to the E Major figure. The figure is executed by marking 3 frets on the first 3 strings of the instrument. Since this is on the upper 3 frets, it is therefore not possible to make use of the bar, especially when playing E Major or D# Major.

E Major 1st Position


When exploring the other chords making use of this figure, there are essentially 2 different methods to do this: You can apply a bar or you can make use of a finger to mark the last string on the Cuatro. The method you use to mark the 4th string really depends on what you want to play after executing the chord and in which direction you want to take. So it is important to know how to play this figure using both methods.

F Major 1st Position


In the example above, we make use of the bar to mark the 4th string which gives us the chord of F Major in it’s 1st position. The example below demonstrates how this is played making use of marking with only one finger.

G Major 2nd Position

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