Minor Figures: D

Course: Minor Figures: D



We can consider the figure of D Minor as the opposite of the figure of E Major. Well, not entirely but they are rather similar. The E Major starts by marking 3 frets from the top and the D Minor does the same, but marking 3 frets from the bottom. The ease in marking the D Minor chord as well as making use of the figure of D Minor is the ability to make use of the bar to play this with the index finger (this is of course when playing C Minor, C# Minor and D Minor). Starting from D# Minor it is necessary to start either applying the bar or (depending on what chords you play next) simply marking the 1st string with your index finger.

D Minor 1st Position


Trying to mark the figure in other positions to play chords like the F Minor chord, can cause some difficulties. It is therefore recommendable to play the first string with the index finger at first. Once you gain the hang of it then you can start to apply the bar when necessary.

F Minor: 2nd Position

G Minor: 3rd Position

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