What is a Minor Scale?

Course: What is a Minor Scale?

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The minor scale on the Venezuelan Cuatro is similar to the major one. The main difference for the natural minor scale is the third, which is minor. So when building a minor scale the pattern corresponding to a minor Scale will be: (Blue representing tones and Orange representing semitones):

Minor Scale Composition

If we were to translate this scale to a specific note, say D then this would be the following notes which would need to be played for the C Major Scale. Take a closer look at how this is played on the Cuatro:

C minor Scale Example

C – D – Eb – F – G – Ab – B

You can see that in the minor scale, the position of the sT (semitones) vary.  In a minor scale you can feel a deeper melody with more emotion, normally tending to sad emotions, and it is typically used in blue songs at a slower peace.

(The example here is based on a harmonic minor, where there is a semitone separating the last two notes.  If we were using a ‘natural’ minor scale, we would be finishing the Cm scale with a Bb)

Let’s listen to a Minor Scale on the Cuatro:

A good example so you can feel how a minor scale influences into a song is the song Nights in white satin interpreted by The Moddy Blues.

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