Parts of the Cuatro – Frets

Course: Parts of the Cuatro – Frets

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Frets Frets are metal strips inserted along the fretboard during the fabrication of the Cuatro and run perpendicular to the strings. Typically, a Cuatro will have either 14 or 17 frets. For beginners we would recommend to make use of a Cuatro with 14 or 15 frets. The reason for this is the greater the amount of frets, the longer the neck of the Cuatro is. To play a Cuatro with a long neck requires flexibility and more agility, so this is something which can be made use of for the more advanced cuatristas.

Cuatro Frets
Cuatro Frets. Credits: TuCuatro.com

For those of you who are in for a challenge and are moving to the next level, a cuatro with 17 frets is something for you. At first it takes some getting used to, but after you familiarize yourself with the instrument you will be able to play chords in numerous positions and enrich your music. If you compare this to the Ukulele which has a rather short neck, the possibilities are endless, but you do need the know how and agility to play such an instrument. If you are interested in such a cuatro but are unsure where to find one, let us know and we will point you in the right direction.

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