Recording Your Progress is Important

Course: Recording Your Progress is Important

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Practice is key whenever learning how to play any musical instrument. The more you practice, the better you get and the further your ability will progress.

Nowadays we have many tools at our disposal which can be made use of to help us progress as musicians. The most important tools are relating to methods how you can record yourself. When learning how to play an instrument with a teacher one on one, we can directly get feedback from the instructor. Essentially we would have an audience who can give us feedback, listen to the music and give tips on how to improve.

Have a look at these videos by our students on our Venezuelan site who have elected to share what they have learned using the TuCuatro methodology:

Spanish Beginner Student

Venezuelan Intermediate Student

American Intermediate Student

Since learning with TuCuatro is online, it is important to have an audience which can give you feedback. This is one of the services we offer at TuCuatro. In order for this to work, it is highly important that your progress is recorded. Make use of any camera, be it a webcam or the one on your cellphone and make a recording of your songs or exercises. This recording can be anything at all relating to how you play your instrument. Then upload the video to YouTube and make use of the privacy settings to choose whether you wish to share it with everyone or if you would like to keep it private. Once this has been done, you can share it with the TuCuatro community for feedback.

By doing this, students will provide you with encouraging comments and we have a policy whereby the instructors must give constructive feedback. It is not only a great way to track your progress as the time goes by, but it is also great for other students who can learn from you.

So pick up your Cuatro, learn a little something, record it, share and improve!!

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