Seventh Figures: B7

Course: Seventh Figures: B7

Picture of TuCuatro


Another rather easy figure relating to B7 on the Cuatro which makes use of merely 1 marking of a fret on the Cuatro. When playing other 7th chords along the fretboard, we can see how easily this can be applied as the bar and middle finger are used for playing this figure in different positions.

B7: 1st Position


The great thing about making use of the B7 figure, is it liberates your fingers in order (hence your index and pinky) which makes marking additional frets and switching between them an easy task. Lets take a look at making use of the B7 figure for playing the C7 and D7 chords along the fretboard of the Cuatro:

C7: 1st Position

D7: 2nd Position
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