Technique for Using the Soundboard for Merengue Caraqueño

Course: Technique for Using the Soundboard for Merengue Caraqueño



In this lesson you will learn how to make use of the wood of the Venezuelan Cuatro as a musical element when playing Merengue Caraqueño

The Merengue Caraqueño is a very specific rhythm of 5×8, as it is not possible to leave space between the end of the bar and the start of another.

When you play the rhythm with your right hand, review where you will be able to make use of this percussive element within each bar of the Merengue.

Review the following diagram:


The hitting of the wood should go exactly where the base is playing, this should take place on th1 1 and the 4 of each bar.

Repeat what you see in the video as needed and try to imitate the sound of the percussive element.

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