Zumba Que Zumba: Intermediate / Advanced

Course: Zumba Que Zumba: Intermediate / Advanced

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Just like any other genre, we can make them as simple or as complex as we would like. In this lesson we will review a more advanced method of playing the Zumba Que Zumba progression. As you will notice, the chords being made use of are slightly more advanced and the agility that you will need to mark the chords will need to improve as the tempo increases.

Have a look at the following video demonstrating the Zumba Que Zumba version that you will aim at playing after a considerable amount of practice:

Zumba Que Zumba: Advanced Version

This version of Zumba Que Zumba is played in an Dm key. If you would like to explore other keys then this can certainly be done by following the example below which is played in an Am key. This version is not as advanced as the one above, but it is to make use of as an example.

Zumba Que Zumba Am Key

Make sure to keep up the practice and consider the rhythm needed for playing this genre. The rhythm is the same as a Joropo. Keep practicing and if you feel that the level is still a bit too high, then refer back to some of the earlier interpretations of the Zumba Que Zumba for beginners. Enjoy!

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