Learn to play the Cuatro, a musical instrument you’ll love

TuCuatro helps you with learning the Cuatro, musical instrument from the plains of Venezuela and Colombia. Cuatro courses and Bandola courses are designed by professional musicians just for you.

Venezuelan Cuatro Courses. For Free!

Start right away by selecting the course you want. TuCuatro focuses in the teaching of Venezuelan Cuatro, but you will also find courses for many more exotic musical instruments, like the Bandola or Maracas.

Starting December 24th 2019, all courses at TuCuatro are now free to celebrate 10 years of TuCuatro. Read the press release here.

Celebrating Ten Years!

To celebrate 10 years of TuCuatro, we ve opened all our courses to the public, starting December 24th! Now you can access any of our courses for free, just by selecting it from the courses page. Read the press release for more details on these ten years and the progress of the cuatro learning over a decade.

Meet some of the musicians and teachers at TuCuatro​

Japanese luthier who specializes in the building of South American folkloric instruments. He has been a pioneer in the building and teaching of Latin American instruments like the Cuatro and Bandola Llanera.
Yasuji D'Gucci​
From Japan​
Experimental with unique folk instruments and different music genres, Abraham Sarache’s implementation of the venezuelan cuatro as a new tool for rock and metal music, shows a new path for alternative sounds.​
Abraham Sarache
From Netherlands
Originally from Colombia, Darwin is a cuatro player that mixes rock y jazz for his music work.. His later work includes an album called Torment4, which fusions the genres of Rock and Joropo.
Darwin Medina
From France
Instrumental Cuatro Soloist and Co-CEO of TuCuatro. Developed the TuCuatro system and online store along with Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk in the year 2010.
Adrian Toro
From Canada

Don’t know what is a Venezuelan Cuatro? Read more at the Cuatro (Venezuela) Wikipedia Page.