A New Kind of Sound – The Electric Cuatro

As with other musical instruments, a new age of innovation and interpretation by modern luthiers and artists has made possible upgrades for this instrument. Out of this has come to fruition a new kind of instrument called the Electric Cuatro.

This type of Cuatro replicates the sound and tuning of a traditional Cuatro but differs in its manufacturing process, as it doesn’t have a hollow body, but a solid one instead.

In this article, we are going to be talking specifically about the Electric Cuatro. She’s Alone band artist and Cuatro professor Abraham Sarache plays one particular instrument in the following video.

Electric Cuatro Demonstration: “Promises” Abraham Sarache – She’s Alone

Abraham Sarache plays a song called “Promises” with a Cuatro that was made by an incredible luthier: Roberto Bonaccorso.

There are different kinds of electric cuatro. Most of the models are known to have a solid body and some resemblance to the original traditional cuatro. Below you can see a few ones, from different manufacturers around the world:

Richard Sermeño – Electric Cuatro

Richard Sermeño is a Venezuelan luthier living in Venezuela. He fabricates and delivers this type of Cuatro from his workshop to clients around the world.

Electric Cuatro - Richard Sermeño
Electric Cuatro – Richard Sermeño

A few recognized musicians and cuatro players use the Sermeño cuatros and you will find a few videos on Youtube where people are playing with this type of instrument.

The following video showcases cuatro master and singer Rafael Pollo Brito playing the cuatro while singing some Venezuelan tunes: Anhelante and Lloraras.

Cuatro Silent – Jose Baritto

Master luthier Jose Baritto fabricates a Cuatro Silent, which is a type of Cuatro that results to be very particular. This cuatro doesn’t feature a body, but only the sides and the protective wood located above the soundhole position.

Electric Cuatro Silent - Jose Baritto
Cuatro Silent – Jose Baritto

The differences in instruments and the possibilities they offer are incredible as Abraham Sarache has demonstrated in his performance.

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