You can begin learning to play the Cuatro instrument!

If you are entirely new to the Cuatro as a string instrument, before you play any song, the recommendation is always to start from the very beginning of the music theory. The first lessons and courses provided at TuCuatro are the very basics of how to play, what to look out for and getting the hang of the most basic techniques you need to know.

You’ll learn how to strum the cuatro and techniques to play your first rhythms, be rock, pop, ballads, waltz or more folk genres like Joropo or Bolero. Also, a very important part of music theory is to learn how to play scales at the fretboard.

Our lessons are categorized in several ways, one of which is the difficulty level. Try not to get ahead of yourself and to follow the curriculum as much as possible.

Follow Lessons and play the instrument to See Fast Results with the Cuatro!

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It is highly important to take time with the lessons. The more time you dedicate to the techniques and practice the cuatro, the better you will play this instrument and the better you will develop new techniques.

The first lessons and Courses at TuCuatro will be relating to how to tune the Cuatro, some housekeeping to bear in mind, beginners strumming techniques, easy rhythm, and ultimately your first song! So even if you’ve never played this instrument before, you will be guided on to play your first songs in no time.

There are also courses for more intermediate or advanced players, full of information and lessons for you to enrich your repertoire of techniques.

If you later want to develop more intermediate or advanced techniques, we have teachers that are available for you to schedule an hour of online lessons with them and get a personalized consultation and help.

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Would you like to play a song?

TuCuatro has a lovely collection of lyrics and chords for the most famous songs there are. Give it a try and click on one of them below:

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