Celebrating 10 years of learning the cuatro online with TuCuatro

For the past 10 years, TuCuatro has been at the forefront of pioneering how we learn to play the Venezuelan Cuatro. With an online learning portal dedicated to the teachings of the Venezuelan Cuatro, TuCuatro has built a solid foundation that has secured the future of the cuatro and its teachings on a global scale. Part of the major achievements of TuCuatro is having the first intercontinental Google HangOut session between cuatro players, the first online learning program for the cuatro, and offering the first online bandola llanera course. With the next steps in mind, Co-CEOs Adrian Toro and Adriaan Moya have taken a monumental decision relating to the future of TuCuatro.

A gift. A gift to all of those who form part of the world of the cuatro and strive to keep it moving forward. This gift is the opening of the gates to TuCuatro. As of the 24th of December, TuCuatro will no longer be a membership-based portal, but a free online resource

Cuatro online learning
Cuatro online learning

“TuCuatro is an organization that prides itself on the facilitation of online learning resources dedicated to the cuatro. Over the past 10 years, we have built the most recognized brand in the world of the cuatro and it is with great pride that we open up TuCuatro as part of the instrument’s heritage.” Adriaan Moya Co-CEO TuCUatro

According to Co-CEO Adriaan Moya, emphasis needs to be placed on the construction of the instruments themselves and encourage luthiers to continue to build their instruments as well as passing on this knowledge to the next generation of luthiers.

The gesture of freeing the online learning portal to the public is a tremendous move in terms of making the cuatro more accessible to the world. Join us on the 24th of December to celebrate 10 years of TuCuatro with the amazing gift.

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