Basic Online Course for Cavaquinho

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TuCuatro invites you to participate in this instructional online basic course dedicated to the teachings of the Cavaquinho. This course has been recorded with great pleasure in order to allow English speakers to enjoy the learnings of one of the most popular string instruments in Brazil and the world.

Presenting TuCuatro’s online course for Cavaquinho

Within this course, you will learn:

  • Basic Playing technique for Cavaquinho
  • Basic Chords and Progressions
  • The primary strumming pattern for Cavaquinho
  • Strumming exercises and song practices

The course starts with an introduction of the Cavaco and some important aspects of how to select strings and how to tune your instrument. Later you’ll learn how to do the downward picking and upward picking, which is the essential technique that you will need to do Brazilian rhythms.

The course will guide you through the different aspects of playing the Cavaquinho in its most basic form until you’re able to play your first song in A minor.

Important Aspects for this Online Cavaquinho Course

We strongly recommend for you to record your progress as you move forward in the world of the Cavaquinho. It is very important to do so as you will be able to see how you progress as a player and what areas you are in need of improvement.

We invite you to share your videos on YouTube as well with us and we will be able to provide comments on the recordings. You will also receive a supporting hand from the community and will have a recording that you can later check to compare your progress.

A very warm welcome to the Cavaquinho world!

Let’s start the course! All lessons are accessible in any order, though we recommend you follow the suggested order and study each lesson for Cavaco a few times before moving on to the next one.