Learn to play Ukulele – Basic Course

Learn the very basics of playing Ukulele.

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If you have ever dreamt of playing the Ukulele, this is the perfect course to start! Learn to play basic Ukulele so you can strum some rhythms and play your first songs.

We have created 5 lessons with the very basics to learning how to strum and how to play 3 simple chords. We will guide you with some easy steps so you can repeat these chords and get to practice some simple exercises with your own Ukulele.

Be sure to review the strumming lesson for a detailed explanation of how to strum the Uke downwards and upwards. Also, your ukulele must be tuned for you to start playing some songs. These lessons will help you with the basics before starting the Ukulele course.

This course doesn’t require much knowledge and you can start right away if you have a Ukulele. Learn the basic techniques to play Ukulele with TuCuatro.

Ukulele Tenor by Luthier Alfonso Sandoval
Ukulele Tenor by Luthier Alfonso Sandoval

Once finished with the course, we recommend you start using tools for Ukulele like our Scales finder for Ukulele, or our Chords Calculator for Ukulele. Also, if you like the challenge, you can start some other courses related to different musical instruments like the Cavaquinho from Brazil or the Venezuelan Cuatro.

If you’re looking for a new Ukulele, we recommend you visit our TuCuatro store, where you can find a selection of Ukes available for purchase and shipping to your address.