Introduction to the Cuatro Basics

Level 2: Learn to do your first chords and some basic music theory with the cuatro.
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For the Introduction to the Cuatro course, we will suppose you have been introduced you to the attributes of the Cuatro, what can be done with it and hopefully what you can do with it.

If you still want to know more about the Cuatro, visit of FAQ section where you will learn where is the Cuatro played, what kind of music you can do with the Cuatro, where you could buy a Cuatro and much more…

From now on, we will get to the next stage: Learning how to play it!

Introduction to the Cuatro Basics Structure

Our focus is to provide you with the necessary tools to be able to learn how to play. Within this course, a lot of emphasis is being placed on getting ready to play followed by some basic chords and then ultimately some music theory. All of these components are useful as an Introduction to the Cuatro and will prove to be helpful when learning how to play this instrument. We will take you through these bit by bit, and be certain to follow the individual lesson topics in order.

The first chord to be introduced is the easiest one of all!.. D major. This chord only requires the usage of one finger…..so it has to be easy! Well it is, but of course we want for you to play it properly.

As an additional comment for Ukulele players, you may be able to see a pattern here with some of the chords. In most cases, you can apply your ability for the Ukulele to the Cuatro, as the chord figures are almost identical. We still recommend to go through all of the lessons in all courses….just to reinforce some concepts a bit more.

Take your time with the lessons and enjoy your experience!

Don’t rush into the lessons, the course is and will always be open to public. Take your time and study the lessons and material until you master each of them.