Cuatro Chords and Figures at the Fretboard

Course: Introduction to the Cuatro for Ukulele Players

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You’ll find that marking chords for the Cuatro is almost the same as with the Ukulele. The same figures are used and you will basically do exactly the same as when playing the Ukulele (but transposing everything down one tone).

Getting familiar with the Cuatro chords is just a matter of remembering that everything is transposed down one tone.  In the following video, we’ll review all major and minor chords so you can start correlating them with the Cuatro.

We have made a Cuatro Chord Maker App that you can use to quickly find a chord or remember how to position your fingers. Have a look!

Until now, you’ve probably noticed that the Cuatro is basically the same as a Ukulele.  Same holding, similar tuning, same chord figures but transposed, nothing new at all!  Which should be good, because you could basically just take your cuatro and play it right away!

Now, for the following lessons, we will tackle the real difference between both instruments:  Strumming.

Complete this lesson and let’s start the fun part!

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