Is it holding a cuatro the same as with the Ukulele?

Course: Introduction to the Cuatro for Ukulele Players



Do you know how to hold a Cuatro? This instrument is strikingly similar to a Ukulele, but a few important differences make it particular. This lesson will teach you how Cuatro players hold their instruments.

The Cuatro is slightly bigger than the Ukulele and as with the Ukulele, it is recommended to hold it meanwhile you’re sitting down in a chair. Just place the bottom part on top of your right leg and maintain an inclination of around 45 degrees for best results.

Holding a Cuatro Technique

The Cuatro should be positioned in a way that its lower part only touches your right leg (or the leg that goes with the playing hand), also an space is requiere between the instrument and your body to let the sound get out:

If you hold your Cuatro correctly, you will allow the sound waves to bounce in between the space that is formed by the cuatro and your belly.  This is very important, as the cuatro is very rich in sound.

Let’s move on and learn our first cuatro chords! Complete this lesson to continue

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