Is it holding a cuatro the same as with the Ukulele?

Course: Introduction to the Cuatro for Ukulele Players

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If you’re new to playing the Cuatro, one of the first things you need to learn is how to hold it correctly. Although it looks similar to a Ukulele, there are some important differences that make holding a Cuatro a little different. In this lesson, we’ll explore the basic techniques needed for holding your Cuatro like a pro.

The Cuatro is slightly bigger than the Ukulele and as with the Ukulele, it is recommended to hold it meanwhile you’re sitting down in a chair. Just place the bottom part on top of your right leg and maintain an inclination of around 45 degrees for best results.

Holding a Cuatro Technique

Like with the Ukulele, it’s recommended that you sit down in a chair while holding your Cuatro. (If you want to learn how to hold an Ukulele, follow this link to read how you should hold the ukulele) Place the bottom part of the instrument on top of your right leg and maintain an inclination of around 45 degrees for best results.

When holding your Cuatro, position it in such a way that only its lower part touches your right leg (or whichever leg corresponds with your playing hand). It’s important to leave space between the instrument and your body so that sound can escape freely. This allows soundwaves to bounce between the space created by the cuatro and your belly, making it rich in sound.

If you hold your Cuatro correctly, you will allow the sound waves to bounce in between the space that is formed by the cuatro and your belly.  This is very important, as the cuatro is very rich in sound.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you have learned how to properly hold your Cuatro, it’s time to move on and start learning some chords! Our beginner chords lesson will get you started on playing simple tunes.

Remember that mastering any musical instrument takes practice, patience and time. Take small steps as you progress through each lesson or chord pattern; before long, you will see yourself becoming more confident and skilled at playing the cuatro.

Let’s move on and learn our first cuatro chords! Complete this lesson to continue.

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