Song: Eleanor Rigby

Course: Ukulele Basics with Joel Jacques

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We will be learning to play the classic song “Eleanor Rigby” with Joel Jacques, who will be guiding us through the process step by step.

In this video, Joel will start by teaching us an exercise to get comfortable playing in bars. We’ll be playing two bars of F, two bars of A minor, two bars of F, and two bars of A minor. This exercise will help us get comfortable with playing four beats for every bar and playing down strums for each of those beats. Once we’ve practiced this exercise, we’ll move on to playing the actual song.

Joel will guide us through the song by breaking it down into manageable sections. He’ll show us how to play each section slowly and then gradually speed up the tempo. By the end of the lesson, you can give it a shot to play along the entire song.

Remember, the key to learning guitar is practice. Even after you’ve finished this lesson, you should continue to practice playing the song on your own. It may take some time and effort.

Download the PDF with lyrics and chords and learn how to play the song:


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