Putting Measures, Bar Lines, Time Signatures and Notes Together


Here you can see that we put the notes together. we have  2 bars of whole notes ,2 bars of half notes, 2 bars of quarter notes, follow this example  the numbers below will help you count the measures. We are playing first the E note or the purple note if you see the image on the previous page.

How to study.

-Measure 1 and 2  :Play the note on the first beat  and count the rest of the numbers till you arrive at bar 2  and repeat the same as bar 1

-Measure 3 and 4: Play the note on beat  1  and beat 3  ,on beat 2 and 4 you don’t play the note but you still count these

Example   : beat 1 =play   , beat 2 silent  , beat 3 play  , beat 4 silent

-Measure 5 u0026amp; 6  :play the note on all beats.

Example    beat  1 :play  beat 2 :Play   beat 3:play   beat 4 :play

The notes that we are now playing is the E note on the 3rd string (see figure 1 page 3 for position of E note).


Do the following exercises to familiarize with the notes




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