Whole Notes and Half Notes

Course: Cuatro Method for Sight Reading – Volume 1



Now that the positions are learned, we can move on to reading notes. In this lesson you will learn what are whole notes  half notes and quarter notes.


See figure 2


  1. A. a musical clef ,this is indicated every time we encounter ourselves with a musical notation sheet.
  2. B. a time signature ,this is to indicate how many beats per measure(bar) in this case there are 4 beats in the measure
  3. C. a measure ,in the measure you will find the notes written ,every bar has a amount of beats in this case because of the time signature this will indicate that in this measure there are 4 beats.
  4. D. Bar line(measure line) here the measure ends we begin with by counting at the beginning of the measure 1,2,3,4 after the 4 we begin again at one which indicates another new set of four beats.

See the numbers below of the measures for example.

Note: You can also find measures of 3 beats or 2 beats or even 5 or 7, possibilities are endless for this example we are using a 4/4 time signature.


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