Rock songs with Lyrics and Chords for Guitar

If you’re a Rock music lover and want to learn how to play your favorite songs on your instrument, our Rock song collection is just what you need. We’ve compiled a list of popular Rock songs that are easy to play on any instrument, including the Guitar and Ukulele.

We provide chords and lyrics with each song so you can easily follow along. We also include images showing how to position your fingers on the fretboard. This makes it easy for beginners to learn the songs quickly and accurately.

In addition to providing the chords and lyrics for each song, we also offer free video tutorials on our website that show you how to play the songs step by step. This can be especially helpful for those who are just starting and need extra guidance.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn your first Rock songs or a seasoned musician looking to add some new tunes to your repertoire, our Rock song collection has something for everyone. Start learning and playing your favorite Rock songs today!

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