Basic Ukulele Chords that you can easily learn to play

Here you can see a few basic Uke chords that you can learn quickly and easy and use when you’re looking for songs to play with your Ukulele.

We’ve divided the chords by Key and grouped them by progressions so you can have a more logical way of learning them by groups that are normally used together in songs. So if we talk about a C major, for example, we will be then talking about its relative minor and its seventh figure.

These chords are basic and easy because they require only one or two fingers in most cases.

What are the most basic Ukulele chords you can play?

Let’s start with the most basic Uke chords ever. The C major and A minor. These two only require a finger and anybody can do them in like a minute, even if they’ve never played an Uke before!

Here’s how the C major looks:

Just press the index finger at the third fret of the bottom string, and you’re now ready to go! As long as your Uke is in tune, you will hear a nice pretty song when you strum down all chords while you press this particular fret.

This chord is normaly identified with a happy feeling, a smile in the face or a bright morning.

Now let’s play a more darker chord, the A minor. This chord is also as easy as it can get, as only requires you to press the index finger in one place. It looks like this:

It cannot get easier than this! Just press that index finger at the second fret of the top string.

This minor chord is normally associated with sadness or nostalgic feelings, a rainy day may be or a broken heart and a tear in the cheek.

Here are a few more chords that are as easy as these two:

C major and seventh and

A minor and A seventh and

F major

Raise the challenge with this chord that requires two fingers now:

Place your middle finger at the second fret of the top string, and then your index finger at the first fret of the third string (musician point of view).

Be careful not to let your index finger too low, because you will then block the sound of the open strings.

How to play these basic Ukulele chords?

You’re almost ready to play a very simple song, these basic chords will get you enough so you can play songs like the Kodaline’s Love Like This, or Stole the Show by Kygo.

These songs are basically combinations of the following chords:

Sometimes they will use a more difficult chord, named G major:

Or its counterpart G seventh:

If you liked that Kodaline’s song, try another one of theirs All I Want. You’ll see the standard and and also will learn how they introduce a Dm instead of F, it looks like this:

Here’s the youtube video.

If you feel like you want to take a more challenging approach, you might want to try more challenging songs like Twenty Pilot’s House of Gold, or Come Away With Me by Norah Jones.

For the A minor one, try a song like Señorita, you’ll have plenty of fun trying to learn the other songs for that song.

We hope you had fun! Also, we hope this is a good enough intro to start playing chords with your Ukulele.

Be sure to check this Ukulele chord finder tool we have at our website, so you can learn to calculate your own chords. Also, visit our Songs section to try to learn a few other songs.