If I had you

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F F7
I could show the world how to smile
A# A#m
I could be glad all of the while
F Am Gm
I can change the grey sky to blue
C7 F G7 C7
If I had you

F F7
I could leave my old friends behind
A# A#m
Leave all my pals, I wouldn’t mind
F Am Gm7
I can start my life all new
C7 F
If I had you

Am E7
I could climb the snow capped mountain
Am E7
Sail the mighty ocean wide
Am E7
I could cross the burning dessert
Am Gm7 C7
If I had you by my side

F F7
I could be a king, dear, uncrowned
A# A#m
Humble or poor, rich or renowned
F Am Gm7
There is nothing I couldn’t do
C7 F
If I had you

F A7
I’ve dream all my dreams
And schemed all my schemes
Gm7 C7 F
But somehow it just seems wrong
F A7 D7
Until I met you, was then that I knew
Gm7 C7
To me you must belong.

(Repeat all song)