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TuCuatro helps people to fall in love with exotic instruments by showing them the best of these instruments and teaching them how to play the instrument they love.  Musicians and artists can also show their talent using our platform and brand, and people interested in buying an instrument can acquire one using our specialized online store: https://store.tucuatro.com

Short description:

TuCuatro is a portal where interested students can learn how to play the Venezuelan Cuatro. Starting as an initiative by Venezuelan Cuatristas, we have dedicated ourselves to assisting and facilitating persons from all nationalities with a means to learn to play Cuatro. As a team, we are made up of Cuatristas, innovators and e-learning specialists who are dedicated to the teachings of all aspects of the Venezuelan Cuatro.

You can access TuCuatro’s offer at https://tucuatro.com



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Email: info@tucuatro.com
Telefono: +1 (786) 374-2872

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