How to buy a Venezuelan Cuatro – Instrument Buying Guide

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TuCuatro is proud to be the most extensive learning network for the Venezuelan Cuatro, and we also ensure that our students can find and buy the right instrument with which to play. Therefore, whether you are a learning beginner or an advancing professional looking to upgrade your cuatro, TuCuatro can assist with our extensive collection of instruments.

TuCuatro has partnered with an extensive network of luthiers and cuatro makers around the world to help them promote and offer their instruments. TuCuatro’s Online Store is the sum of many hands and the effort of many cuatro specialists, interested in promoting the instrument that we all love.

Student Cuatros

Student Cuatro instruments are most used by beginners and people starting with the Cuatro. Our lower range of Cuatros, available for you if you’re looking for something that sounds good but, above all, if you’re not worried about the fine details and the finishing of the instrument.

Professional Cuatros

Instruments made by Luthiers using the higher standard of construction. Each piece is unique and customized for the customer. Each luthier promotes their pieces at our TuCuatro Store and takes orders for building customized instruments from there. The building of a luthier piece normally takes about 3 to 9 months, depending of the luthier.

We can help you buy an instrument like the Cuatro

TuCuatro guarantees the delivery of your instrument, and you also receive a complimentary membership when you buy a cuatro with TuCuatro so you can learn with our Basic Courses. There’s just nothing like this in the whole world!

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We invite you to check out the models available at our TuCuatro Store. After that, if you have any questions, our team of experts can help, feel free to contact us or reach our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

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