About the Cuatro


Music is a universal language coming in many shapes and forms. It is a way of exercising the mind, body, and soul all within the comfort of your own home. Many think this is mostly through listening to music, but being able to play the music with a subliminal instrument takes this experience to another level. Congratulations, for you, have chosen the Cuatro as your medium to express yourself with music and create an incredible sound that impacts music lovers of all kinds. It is our pleasure to not only introduce you further to the sounds of the Cuatro but also to learn about its origin, how is it played, what can you do with it and how it’s rhythms can tie into historical moments carried on through the legacy of the instrument.

Learning Outcomes

The purpose of this course is to give you detailed insight as to what the Cuatro is. This will touch upon it’s origin and how it has evolved as a musical instrument. We will indicate to you what you should look for in a Cuatro. How is it made? What materials and what kinds of Cuatros are available. You will be provided with an introduction to what you can do with the instrument and how it is so similar yet so different to it’s cousins. You will also be informed about how the courses are set up and how you will be able to move forward as a Cuatro player.

Recommended Background

None whatsoever. Start afresh, get to know the instrument which has not only captured but changed the lives of many.

Explore the Cuatro

The Cuatro is an instrument that used to be taught from generation to generation. The grandfather would teach the son, the son would teach the neighbor and the neighbor will play for his family. It is our goal as Cuatro players to offer the teachings of this incredible instrument not only to all of those who are interested, but worldwide. Learning about the Cuatro is the first step to be taken in the great journey into the world of this four-stringed marvel.

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