Scales for ukulele and other instruments

Learn the major and minor scales for a variety of exotic instruments, Just select the instrument you want, for example, the scales for ukulele, which will help you play melodies and do improvisation with your ukulele.

just select your instrument from the following list and you’ll have access to all major and minor scales for each one of them:



The scales chart are using the same tuning that you would normally use for your ukulele or your Cuatro.

if you need more help on how to play scales on your instrument, you are welcome to visit our courses section and select anyone with information about scales that will help you learn more about music theory.

As always, we strongly recommend you to verify the tuning of your instrument, so be sure to head to the ukulele tuning page or any of the other instrument’s tuning pages so you can verify and be sure that your musical instrument is correctly tuned.