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Specific Rhythms

We are going to start off with two genres, the names of which may not sound familiar at all being Quitapesares and the Cuban Trova.

Parang Songs

Now let´s move to the fun part!  Let´s learn some Parang songs and play them with the cuatro. You should be able to play the basic

Parang Rhythms

The Parang genre comes from a mixture of genres, typically done with 6 strums each. In this lesson will learn how to do each of these genres.

What are the Parts of a Cuatro

Although the Cuatro does not come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and weights, like other instruments, we still need to know its parts,

The Cuatro Tuning

Let’s talk about the tuning of the Venezuelan Cuatro. The Cuatro is typically tuned to the pitches A, D, F#, and B, with the A