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Course: Learn to Play Parang with the cuatro

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In this second part of the course, we will start learning some basic parang progressions on a Cuatro.   Each progression is normally used in multiple songs, so whenever you learn one you will learn how to play a bunch of songs. It will be just a matter of selecting the right progression to be able to play any song.

Three basic progressions

We will learn the three basic progressions to do with the cuatro.  After you learn these 3 progressions in every key, major and minor, you will not need to need anything else to be able to play hundreds and hundreds go songs.

These three basic progressions that you will play while performing Parang songs are as follows:

  • I – IV – V
  • I – IV – V – IV
  • IV – I – V – I

The roman numbers translate to regular numbers, and most musicians refer to them in regular number notation. For example, a musician would likely indicate to you that he wants you to do a 2-5-1, meaning he wants you to perform the progression II – V – I, or he could refer to a 1-4-5 in A minor, which means you’ll have to do Am, Dm, E7 as indicated here:

Don’t worry if they don’t make much sense now, you will see how practical they are as soon as we enter into detail.

Are you ready to start learning your first parang progressions?

Would you like a bit of assistance to learn? An excellent cuatro player from Trinidad is available to teach you online: Raul Landaeta offers skype and online lessons per hour. This might be a great way to get your technique polished and be sure you’re playing the Parang correctly.

Let’s then dive right into the details for parang progressions, we will see the chords progression that you need to use so you can play the most typical Parang songs with your cuatro.

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